Our Story


The process seems simple.  All you need to do is enroll your child in kindergarten in the local elementary school the fall after they turn five (5).  Or, you could apply to the well known, highly regarded private school you have heard of and wait for your acceptance letter.   No problem, right?  Wrong.


The school selection and application process is very involved. There are various types of public and private schools, all with different application and admissions processes and very few guarantees.  If you wait too long and don't have the right information, you could be left with very few options.


In the city of Chicago, there is actually only one guarantee – you always have a seat in your neighborhood school.  That is great if that school performs well, will provide your child with a quality education in line with your family beliefs and values and has all of the resources your tax dollars have earned you. For many of us, that is not the case, and therefore, our neighborhood school is not an option. This is exactly what we faced years ago when enrolling our children in kindergarten.  We also learned that we were not alone.  


In 2011, born out of a frustration with the lack of clear and consistent information, and the seemingly overwhelming process involved in making the transition from preschool to elementary school, we founded the Primary Readiness Enrichment Program (PREP).  Our goal was to deliver parents the information they need to make informed choices and to prepare children to excel in the process. In the vast sea of schools, we firmly believe that there is a "right fit" school for every family.  Our mission is to help you find it.