Dear Prospective Prep Parent,

Thank you for considering PREP. We are so excited that you have chosen to trust us to help you and your child navigate through the testing and application process for Kindergarten admissions in Chicago.


Our Mock Test Day is designed to give you insight on how your child might perform on test day. We try to simulate the CPS Selective Enrollment Test Day as much as possible. Our Mock Test is administered by a licensed therapist. 


On the day of the test, you will arrive at her office and wait in the waiting room until your child's name is called. The tester will take your child to a room and administer our test. The test lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Once the test is complete, you will receive verbal feedback from our tester discussing your child's temperament and behavior during the test. You will also receive a detailed report outlining how your child performed academically on our pre-test.


The Mock Test Day is an excellent way to gauge how your child will respond to the test environment. It also gives you a detail report of your child's academic abilities allowing you to focus on those areas that need improvement. After the assessment, you can choose to sign up for our private sessions, work with your child on your own with our PREP at Home material, or just use the assessment as a practice run.  The register button below will first take you to a calendar to schedule the initial assessment. You will then provide additional registration information.  The cost of the Mock Test is $150.  Thanks again for choosing PREP!!!




Donna Bracey and Geri Redd

Principals, PREP Chicago