Why Should I prepare?


Would it be fair to send your child to take the SAT or ACT without any idea of what to expect? The same concept applies here. There are certain skills that are required for anyone to be successful while taking tests. They need to be familiar with the types of questions that are asked, be able to sit and pay attention for a longer period of time and even be comfortable answering questions from a stranger.


My child is already bright, why does he/she need to be tutored?


Studies have proven that test taking skills are not directly correlated with a child's level of intelligence. Our program reviews fundamental concepts and provides proven test taking skills that will stick with them throughout their education. 


Is it fair to prep for the standardized testing?


First and foremost, we do not teach the test. In fact, these tests are not made public. We teach fundamental concepts and provide test taking skills that will allow your child’s natural abilities to shine through.


Why Use PREP Chicago?


Entry into both the public selective enrollment schools and the top private schools in Chicago is extremely competitive. It is more difficult to get into some of these institutions than it is to get into Harvard! Our student sessions will not only lay a foundation for learning that will last a lifetime, but also give your child a competitive edge during the interview and testing process. Our parent sessions will help families to narrow down their choices and maximize their chances of getting into the school of choice.


What sets PREP apart from other programs?


PREP is the only comprehensive test-tutoring program dedicated to the pre-kindergarten age group in the city of Chicago. We not only prepare students to perform their best on standardized admissions tests, but also provide invaluable information to parents as they navigate the process.


Can I buy Materials and do it myself?


You could, but research shows that a well designed and disciplined approach to coaching children is best. It is important for learning and/or for problem solving to build each particular skill at the right time. We believe you, as a parent, are too attached to the outcome to present whatever materials you can find in a fun and interesting format. Your child will be much more open when presented with a challenge from a stranger than a parent. Frustration evolves easily in this scenario.