Our Parent Sessions


At PREP, we believe that 


Knowledge + PREParation = Opportunity


We provide parents with the tools necessary to maximize your child’s success in gaining admission into the school of choice. There are so many school options for parents of elementary aged children - private schools, public schools, parochial schools, charter schools. Within Chicago Public Schools (CPS), there are myriad of gifted, classical, and magnet schools. It can be an overwhelming task to understand what the difference is between these schools and how to choose the school that is right for your child.


At PREP, we help to get your questions answered. Our four private parent sessions are designed to empower parents and provide invaluable information on educational options for their children in the city of Chicago.




Parent Session I - ABC's of Chicago Schools

Can’t tell a magnet school from a magnet cluster school?  How do you gain admission into classical schools and gifted centers?  What are the different types of private schools? Is the school across the street my neighborhood school?  During this session, we will cover the basics of public, private, charter, and religious schools.  We will answer all of your questions so that you can begin to narrow down the huge field of school options in the city of Chicago.


Parent Session II - Admissions and Testing

Get a handle on the admissions process and improve your child’s chances of getting in.  During this session, we will help parents understand how to gain admission to the various types of public schools, as well as how to prepare for the private school admissions process.  You will learn what you can do at each stage of the process to optimize your child’s chances.  We will help you understand the types of tests that are given and what they cover.


Parent Session III - Next Steps

This is the session that will give you the insider tips that CPS and private schools don’t want you to know about.  We will show you how to “work the system” and use loopholes to your advantage.  We will explain a little known 2nd chance process for gaining admission into some of the top magnet schools in the city.  We will explain how to use the waitlists to your advantage.


$150 for a telephone or virtual private parent session
Parent Session IV - Ready to Move

Are you selling your home?  Thinking about moving from the suburbs to the city?  This workshop is for those who are newcomers to the city of Chicago as well as those who are contemplating a move.  Wouldn’t you love to move into an area with an excellent neighborhood school that your children can walk to?   We will identify schools in Chicago with the criteria that are important to you and your family.