Get Them on Track for Kindergarten

August 8, 2011


Everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten — except what to do when you’re trying to get your child into kindergarten.


That’s why there’s PREP Chicago. The program readies preschoolers and their parents for the application, testing, and enrollment process for private and public Chicago schools. In parent sessions, you’ll learn about the options (magnet, charter, gifted, classical, etc.) and get insider tips on interviews and the dizzying wait-list process.

Stiff Competition, help and hope for applying to private primary schools

​Wendy Altschuler for Sun Times Media

Navigating the private school admission process jungle can be quite tricky, especially if you’re somewhat of a neophyte. Pay attention to details. In some cases, parents must put in a great deal of to achieve right of entry to your desired school. Many schools integrate arduous interviews and incorporate specific submission guidelines and deadlines, testing requirements, and wait-list protocols into their application procedure. 

Navigating Public School Admissions, With a Consultant's Help

Rebecca Vevea, October 2011

Armed with tote bags for the handouts awaiting them, thousands of Chicago parents shuffled through display tables adorned with brightly colored posters as they faced the daunting task of selecting schools for their children.


For many parents, the school fair, put on by the Neighborhood Parents Network, is their first encounter with the public school system.