PREP is the only comprehensive test-tutoring program dedicated to the Pre-Kindergarten group in the city of Chicago. We prepare young students to perform their best on standardized tests for admission into the CPS Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools and private schools.


There are so many mysteries surrounding testing for Kindergarten. What is the test? How is it administered?  What if my child is having a bad day? At PREP, we will prepare your child for test taking, arming them with test taking skills that will introduce them to the concepts that are being tested and make them more comfortable in the test taking environment. We deal with stranger anxiety in a fun way so even the most timid child will feel comfortable going in to take the test with a stranger. By mastering these skills and others, your child will be able to demonstrate their full potential on test day.  


At PREP, we do not teach the test. We teach fundamental concepts and provide test taking skills that will allow your child’s natural abilities to shine through.


Given the level of competitiveness that currently exists for Kindergarten admissions, it would be unfair to your child to take the appropriate tests without adequate preparation. You would not let your child take the SAT or other tests without preparation and neither should you let your 4 year old get tested without giving him the appropriate tools and the skills to succeed. Our scientific based curriculum is taught by experienced master degree level teachers . 


Our instructors specialize in teaching very young kids. They know how to encourage children to bring out their best potential.  Most important of all, children have fun while mastering basic test taking skills.


Our 12 Week student sessions cover the following topics:


Listening skills 


Language Development 

Working Memory

Mathematical Knowledge 

Memory Span

Spatial Relations 

Stranger Anxiety

Kindergarten Children